“Everyone in America needs to see this film.”  Chief of Protocol, Mayor’s Office of Los Angeles

“A compelling documentary which is truly informative and uplifting.”  The South African Consulate General, Los Angeles, CA

“A superb documentary about a courageous leader. It gives me a new understanding of Mandela’s legacy.”  Irvin Kershner, filmmaker

“Thank you for spreading the word about South Africa and its rich democracy and preserving this for future generations.” Helen Zille, Premier of the Western Cape, SA

“I’ve seen several documentaries on the period, but this one is a stand out.”  Michael C. Donaldson, Esq., former president Independent Documentary Association

“I often lend our DVD of ‘Mandela’s Miracle’ to people, and it always hits a chord. It is the most special record of that time, so beautifully done. I gave one to the St Lukes Hospice library in Cape Town and it is an inspiration to staff and patients alike. I cannot watch it without crying.”  Anne Munnik, taught the Springboks 1995 to sing the new SA National Anthem in Xosa, Mr. Mandela’s native tongue.