I’ve seen several documentaries on the period, but this one is a stand out.

Michael C. Donaldson, Esq.

Everyone in America needs to see this film.

Chief of Protocol

A superb documentary about a courageous leader. It gives me a new understanding of Mandela’s legacy.

Irvin Kershner

Thank you for spreading the word about South Africa and its rich democracy and preserving this for future generations.

Helen Zille

A compelling documentary which is truly informative and uplifting.

The South African Consulate General

I often lend our DVD of ‘Mandela’s Miracle’ to people, and it always hits a chord. It is the most special record of that time, so beautifully done. I gave one to the St Lukes Hospice library in Cape Town and it is an inspiration to staff and patients alike. I cannot watch it without crying.

Anne Munnik

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